Marko Bolt


Personal Profile

I am a entrepreneur for 15 years (person ESTP-a). I like to start new business and taking care of the business and the team. I have a broad interest from starting a business, product development, production, funding and selling products. I like to make new connections and have talks about new initiatives and can bring that to a higher level.

Besides running a business with the management team I have experience in sales of technical products and engineering projects. I have worked on product development and series production projects working closely together with marketing and sales, engineers developing electronics/software, enclosure design, testing equipment, up to production of the products and distribution.

I have experience in contract negotiations. In 2015 I have sold the shares in Embed Engineering and sold a big part of an other company.

To measure vibrations in structures, with partners I have founded Omnidots B.V. The Omnidots sensor system (http://www.omnidots.nl/) is a Internet of Things and big data platform which can be used for monitoring buildings and structures for vibration damage e.g. caused by construction work, earth quakes or heavy traffic.

I have worked on many projects. AirFi (http://www.airfibox.com/) that will revolutionize the Inflight Entertainment market. Working on the start of the project, start the new business unit and coordinating the production of the hardware.

Work Experience

Entrepreneur/CEO/Shareholder at Omnidots

June 2014 - Present

At Omnidots we want to provide insight in building movements. For use use in construction and earthquake alliances. Currently we have projects in construction through Netherlands and in Groningen we are working on a large sensor grid.

CEO/Shareholder at InnoSum

August 2014 - Present

At InnoSum we develop and market ideas, take care of the development of electronic hardware, firmware, software and production of the products. We have developed and produced products like award winning portable wifi servers for the travel industry used in inflight entertainment and other group transportation as well as for stationair use.

CEO/Founder/Shareholder at Embed

June 2006 - October 2015

Embed Engineering designs custom electronics: hardware, embedded software and FPGA design and VHDL. The projects Embed Engineering executes are very diverse; from sensors for navigation to high tech medical equipment and embedded industrial electronics. I was co-founder of Embed and with my businesspartner we built the company from scratch. In 2015 we success full sold the company.

Composite sailingyacht

February 2001 - July 2007

I've built a 44 ft composite sailing yacht. According to the latest building techniques like vacuum infusion of E-glass and carbon fiber. Gained experience with composite materials handling.

Key Skills

  • Entrepreneur
  • Manager
  • Business strategy
  • Business development
  • Internet of Things IoT
  • Product development
  • Sales
  • Electronics
  • Embedded software


Hanze University Groningen

Electronics and embedded systems engineering. Beng./ Ing.



Energy management and systems technology. MBO


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